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Archive for February, 2008

A Google web search on “Laptops in the Classroom” turned up 388,000 pages. I read a couple of articles and some teacher perspectives on the issue, and while some people feel very strongly that laptops are either only beneficial or only detrimental, there is definitely no clear consensus on the issue. Proponents cite many positives, […]

More Reaction to McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message”

    Over the weekend, I was talking to my family about this semester at UMW, and mentioned learning about Marshall McLuhan in New Media Studies. It came as quite a surprise when both of my parents practically jumped out of their chairs at the kitchen table upon hearing McLuhan’s name. Come to find out, McLuhan […]

Response to “The Medium is the Message” by Marshall McLuhan

“The Medium is the Message” by Marshall McLuhan is deep reading material. I had to re-read parts of this piece several times to comprehend the points made by McLuhan, and am still not comfortable with my grasp on his ideas.  McLuhan states that the medium is the message because “it is the medium that shapes […]

Response to Personal Dynamic Media

One point that I found very interesting in this article is the excitement over the possibility of children using notebook computers. At the conclusion of the article, two of the specific goals for the Dynabook are to “provide exceptional freedom of access so kids can spend a lot of time probing for details, searching for […]

In reading this paper, I think it is incredible how technology has advanced since 1968. The paper stated that the total cost per workstation was about $5500 (5c3e2). The idea that I am considering for my project basically involves the capabilities of web conferencing. As I understand from the article in 5c3f1, this concept was […]