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Prior to class, I wasn’t confident enough in my understanding of Viola to formulate a response. When I read over the article, I thought that there must be a higher level of understanding that I wasn’t getting. Our class discussion today made me realize that while my initial understanding of Viola wasn’t too bad, there were definitely some overarching concepts I had not penetrated.

For example, the article concludes with the section, “The Porcupine and the Car.” The porcupine, by reacting instinctively to the threatening car, thinks he has won a battle but totally doesn’t get the fact that the car’s driver took mercy on him. The porcupine escapes fully of bravado, totally oblivious to the larger world around him, and misses the opportunity to achieve a higher level of understanding of the whole because he is isolated in the bubble of the part.

This story can be applied not just to the issue of taking enlarging our own understandings of the vast potential of technology to use as a tool to augment the human intellect, but also to our lives as college students, as we discussed in class. It resonates with me in particular because I have taken a long, circuitous route to get my degree.

I never admitted it out loud, but have always felt that many people with their degrees somehow “got it” more than I did. It wasn’t necessarily because they knew more facts or had higher IQ’s, it was just their overall manner. They had learned something that I hadn’t yet learned. Now that I am about to graduate in May, I am on the last leg of my formal journey to “get it.”

As I suspected, the college education I have received at UMW has pushed my mind to that higher level of analytical thinking that I would have never reached without completing my education, and it has positioned me to think in a way that will help me to continue to learn throughout my life. Hopefully, I am starting to “get it” now! Thanks to Western Civ, and studying the French Revolution, I was able to see the whole of what McLuhan was talking about in his references to De Tocqueville. Taking Linguistics, where we probed Sausurre and the relationships of the signifier/signified, provided a foundation to relate to our discussion today about Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker.”  It is cool when these connections happen.

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  2. on 24 Mar 2008 at 6:29 pmsfinn2id

    i totally agree with you about sometimes feeling like i “don’t get it” quite as much as everyone else. i honestly think my choice to attend UMW was definitly for the better than my original decision to go to a large SEC school. I feel that UMW forces and encourages its students to want to try and “get it” and extend their mind outside the box. It is amazing how many times there have been overlapping concepts in many of my classes and how I was able to “get it.” Being a senior and graduating in May as well, I do feel that I “get it” more than I believed I would and I’m very proud of that.